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My Selfish Reasons for Blogging

I took a bit of a break from writing and blogging and I suffered because of it. I was less participatory on Twitter and on other people’s blogs, again, it was my loss. I could invent some excuse about being busy, but I will forgo the excuse route. My ego would like to suggest that in my writing I am imparting some kind of knowledge to others, the reality is that I do it as a focused way to dig deeper on topics. If others can learn a bit along the way, all the better. This actually causes me an issue, which I will try to correct in 2013. The issue is that my writing is too academic and often lacks practical ‘Now What’.

8327461277_bf1b878851_zIn 2013, therefore, my focus will be much more about advancing the ‘Now What’ discussion. In other words, we have been discussing the ‘what’ and ‘why’ for a good long time know, it is time to move on.. What will be hard to avoid will be some discussions and conversations that might appear to be a bit academic – like ‘Information’ versus ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Customer Experience’ versus ‘Social CRM’. In these types of conversations I am really trying to understand the perspective of a broader audience of people (CMO v CIO, for example), as we seem to have certain names and concepts stuck in our head and need to move beyond the names and do a bit of lateral thinking. Definitions are not the’ be all and end all’, but they do serve as a baseline. In way, they are like rules, there as guidance, sometimes in need of breaking.

For example, in my bit of research on the topic of ‘Knowledge’ versus ‘Information’, what I found missing is ‘Smarter’. That is actually my goal, to become smarter so when clients ask the tough questions I have a better chance of offering an an answer, or at least knowing where to look. If knowledge is putting information to use, then being smart is understanding when a particular bit of information is useful. Being smart is also knowing when you do not have nearly enough information to be knowledgeable, therefore the best course of action is listen a bit longer.

If I were to consider a word that described 2012, it would probably be ‘Social’. The word for 2013 is ‘Context’. Context will help (me at least) in the transition from what and why, to how. I will be spending a lot of time in 2013 working to understand the proper context of, data, information and timing; mostly to determine relevance. Bear with me, as I will certainly make a few mistakes along the way.

Happy 2013!

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  1. January 4, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Glad to hear this, Mitch.

    As one of your blog’s “customers,” here’s what I’d like to see. I’m not a (s)CRM consultant, but rather one charged with creating and implementing strategies, I’m all for the “Now What.” While I find value in the academic discussions, there is a huge opportunity/need for actionable discussions, for example, “Do this; don’t do that!” Or informal case studies (please avoid Zappos, we know, we know!)

    Back when I was a kid I think it was Goodyear Tires that had a slogan, “Where the rubber meets the road!” I’d love to see discussions around where the plan moves into execution, and then on to evaluation.That’s where the rubber meets the road for us. What worked? Why? What should we avoid? Too often bloggers just want to admire how round the tires are, or how impressive their treads look. (Or just debate what the definition of “tire” really is.) What there’s a crying need for is answering the question, “what the heck works?” Did the tire meet or exceed the customer’s needs? If not, why not?

    Specifically, I’d love to see posts interviewing leaders who were successful at implementing strategies, or that tell stories of those successes. Or, dissecting failures.

    That’s probably not exactly what you had in mind, but if you could do that every now and then, I’d find value in it. And “value” is my word for 2013.

    Stepping away from the caffeine now.


    • Mitch Lieberman
      January 10, 2013 at 3:22 pm


      First, happy New Year!

      It is great to hear from you, and I apologize for the delayed response. As a customer, I suppose I would need to call myself out for poor customer service. We are not too far apart and the ‘How’, ‘done by whom’ is something I will try to get done in 2013.

      What is interesting about getting into the details, which might be why some avoid writing too much about them, is that there seems to be more of an opportunity to argue. People love to show their smarts and isolate the corner case situation where the author is wrong. Or, in the case of presenting, it is called ‘stump the presenter”. That said, I am not too worried about it and will work towards providing specific value.

      I might spend a little time admiring the tires, but only because I spent a few minutes applying some Armor All.

      Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!


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