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Time to hit the Pause Button

Thank goodness I do not have a title for this blog, as my posts have been, well, a bit all over the map lately. Not quite ramblings of a mad man, but close. This may give you the idea that I have random disconnected thoughts. Well, I do, and to make sense of them I write and often realize that there are connections. Here is the thing, writing  forces me to focus, think through the idea, put fingers to keyboard and see if it makes sense. Twitter fits into this category, as squeezing a rational thought into 140 characters that does not feel like a sound bite is hard.

A few weeks ago, I was away from work, away from Skype, away from email (well, mostly) and I tried to focus on nothing, intentionally. The Euro Cup was on, I tried to avoid social networks. At first, I failed miserably, yep, I missed the news, current events, technology gossip (Ciboodle was part of it) and watching the flow of information. After a few days, it was easy, I read a few fiction books, watched soccer, had a few drinks and did relax. I did not spend time writing either.

Here is what I learned:

  • I am (many of us are) too connected, therefore I/we lose touch with people who are not as connected as I am (we are).
  • Things (change, technology,…) are moving at a pace that borders on bizarre, caution advised.
  • Keeping up with everything is nearly impossible, you will lose your hair trying; focus.
  • I need to read more foundational works, not just others interpretation of them.
  • Hitting the pause button gives a perspective that I think many people need right now. I know I did.

I will stop there before I get philosophical, then I will really get myself in trouble. Enjoy the weekend.

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