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Social CRM 2011 Presentation

I wanted to share my presentation from Social CRM 2011. I will be writing a post shortly to go into further depth, but did want to highlight some of the takeaways from the talk. The basic idea is that Social CRM is different things to different people – yes, we all know that. The reason is a good one, we all have different objectives.

Here is the presentation:

5 Things Marketing should consider:

  • Stop assuming everyone is Social, look at the numbers
  • More channels does not mean talk more, it means listen more
  • Show your value internally and externally
  • Social Media Management is not the same as Community Management
  • Creating value is not the same as creating content

5 Things Customer Service should consider:

  • Be accountable for Customer Service Experience, Customer Experience is much bigger,
  • Phone skills are still important, statistics tell the tale,
  • The most important person is the person you are talking to right now,
  • Don’t assume someone else will answer the question, be the one that answers the question,
  • Customer Service is not the new Marketing, it is Customer Service

5 Things Sales should consider:

  • Future customers do not want to be your BFF
  • Social Media is great competitive intelligence tool – which cuts both ways
  • Sales is more a user of Social Media, use it to prepare, that is not wrong
  • You do not have to Blog or use Twitter – But, respect those that do
  • You are traditionally the most Social part of the organization – that has not changed
  1. grahamrhill
    May 15, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Hi Mitch

    It was great catching up with you in London over dinner with the other presenters before Social CRM 2011. Now we know why we need to speed–up the spread of Internet banking… so that their disused branches can be turned into great restaurants!

    One thing intrigues me about your presentation, particularly as your post about it follows my own post on ‘Building a CEx that Creates Value for Customers… And for Companies’. Why do you portray Social CRM as just Marketing, Sales and Service? The traditional CRM domains. Is Social CRM just CRM with the word Social tacked in front of it? Or is there more to Social CRM?

    As I laid out in my 2009 CustomerThink post on ‚‘A Manifesto for Social Business’, social is about SO MUCH MORE than just the company’s (our) response to the customer’s control of the conversation. It is about us becoming a pro-active partner in value co-creation throughout the lifetime of the products customers have bought from us and thus, throughout the lifetime of the customer.

    If Social CRM is to become what it can be… what it SHOULD be… we have to look beyond just the marketing, sales and service touchpoints to ALL the touchpoints that are important to the customer and to us. We have to look at what social tools customers are using to co-create value with the company. And ask ourselves why they have stopped using the tools we have always given them in the past. We have to look at what social tools customers are using to co-create value with each other. And ask ourselves why they don’t need to involve us at all any more. Above all we have to ask what customers really value, when they want it and how they want it. And ask ourselves what can we do to co-create it with customers and still get we what we want out of it.

    Social CRM IS marketing, sales and service. But it should be SO MUCH MORE than that too.

    Graham Hill
    Customer-centric Innovator

  2. Mitch Lieberman
    May 15, 2011 at 11:11 am


    Thanks for stopping by here and the dinner and chat was quite good.

    You raise some good points, fair and they need to be addressed. Earlier today, I was referencing another one of your 2009 posts on Co-Creation. Another example (by you) pointing out that we do need to consider Social CRM to be more than just the sum of the parts of CRM, with ‘Social’ added. It is so much more, but I believe we have some work to do to help others see the path.

    Someone reminded me the other day that there is a very wide spectrum of knowledge and understanding of the value of ‘social’ to the various parts of a business. The term they used is “On-ramping”. To be very honest, when I first started reading some of your work and those of others in the area of service dominant logic and co-creation it took me a while to understand the topics (and I needed to do further reading as well). I am still not an expert, but know enough to probably get myself in trouble. The point is, I believe there are many people who need to better understand the foundations.

    Here is my perspective and reason for the limits on this post: Social CRM is an overused term, with many early-on in their on-ramping process. I am working to establish a foundation (know the audience) so that people can first put Social CRM into the context of CRM (maybe right, maybe wrong). Once the foundation is put in place, I believe people from all over the organization will be able to build upon their knowledge and leverage their knowledge, as you describe above.

    In the period of a 30 minute presentation, I felt as though I would lose my audience if I dug too deep. I will be diving a bit deeper, soon. I will be exploring the dangerous water of customer experience versus customer service experience soon, where I will surely get myself into lots of trouble!


  3. grahamrhill
    May 15, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Mitch

    I hear your reasoning for keeping Social CRM bounded and I agree with you to a point. For those still struggling with doing the right type of CRM right, moving on to Social CRM as being anything more than a socialised form of CRM will be a struggle. My only fear is that without showing people that there is so much more to Social CRM than just a socialised form of CRM, many will think they have got Social CRM once they have started using Social Media, or bought themselves a snazzy new Social CRM tool.

    Whether you like it or not, you are a thought-leader in Social CRM. People pay attention to what you say, what you write and what you do. That position carried a lot of responsibility. Showing people what lies beyond Social CRM as Marketing, Sales and Service is part of that. I look forward to your next post exploring some of this uncharted territory.

    I also look forward to the trouble you expect to dig yourself into with your CEx vs CSEx post. I will be there with my Caterpillar D7E to help pull you out. 🙂

    Graham Hill
    Customer-centric Innovator

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