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Everything I know, I learned from an ‘accidental community’?

OK, a slight embellishment, I did learn a few things in Kindergarten.

So, that is 2 for 2, call it a home run and and a double (Paul Greenberg will like that) for Brent Leary. He originally created the Social CRM hashtag, #scrm on Twitter, and he also gets credit for the “accidental community” description. Brent tweeted this, this morning in response to a question regarding what he gained from DestinationCRM (I think I have that right).

What is interesting here, is that it was really not an accident at all. The #scrm ‘community’ had all of the correct ingredients to make it a success. I bet some of my peer group could review history a bit (Prem), but the more interesting topic here are what can we learn from the evolution and pass on to the Social CRM community – outside of this small peer group.

In the beginning, we had/have a few champions (Brent and Prem Kumar, followed by John Moore and Josh Weinberger), some true thought leaders in the space (Paul, Brent, Graham Hill) – Some additional thought leaders joining later – Like Natalie Petouff Jesus Hoyas, Esteban Kolsky, Brian Vellmure and Wim Rampen. I am sure the community will grow, it already has!

What is really interesting is that all the roles I described above, switch on a weekly basis (or so). If people do not have time to blog, or write, there is absolutely no issues with people playing the championing role and pointing out the great content of others. This is Social CRM in action – the product is knowledge and payment is time. Members reach out beyond this smaller group and learn from others, sharing links, information and knowledge.

Equality, Trust and Value – sounds like a great community to me.

Michael Krigsman made a great statement this morning “Folks have yet to realize that Social #CRM is not a “tool.” It’s a focus point for a constellation of actions.” I am sure that we all have some thoughts on what those activities are, or should be, no? My hope is that the future conversations will focus on the actions, and proper execution of those actions.

Brent, there is plenty of time in game, looking for a single (that should be easy for you) but as I am sure Paul would say, the tripe is probably more impressive than a home run, so the bar is set! It was great to meet many of you at DestinationCRM – turning the accidental community into a real-live face-to-face meeting of peers. For those not in attendance, I am sure we will meet soon, talk on the phone or have a video chat (highly recommended)

++++++++++++++Updated March 30, 2010 to add some important members of the community ++++++++++++++

Friends Mark Tamis and Mike Boysen have added a tremendous amount to the conversation, and their earlier omission is nothing more than me going back and adding people. I have learned a lot from both Mark and Mike. Further, Kathy Herrman and Michael Fauscette have pushed the thinking forward as well!

My lists above were done in haste, if I missed anyone (lots and lots of people could be added I am sure), no intent meant. look forward to the future conversations on the execution steps we all learn and are willing to share.
  1. Esteban Kolsky
    August 27, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Great post,

    Truly well said and I agree 100%. I was priming to do something similar, but in the realm of SCRM now I don’t have to. Simply point people here.

    Nice Job

  2. brianvellmure
    August 27, 2009 at 11:06 pm


    Great post and thanks for the mention. Extremely jealous that I missed out on the festivities at #CRMe09 and spending some face to face time with everyone.

    I love this section “This is Social CRM in action – the product is knowledge and payment is time. Members reach out beyond this smaller group and learn from others, sharing links, information and knowledge.”

    Equality, Trust and Value – sounds like a great community to me.”

    Talk soon,

  3. scorpfromhell
    August 28, 2009 at 4:39 am

    Great post Mitch! Sorry for responding late. And I agree with Brian about the SCRM in action section. Imagine me saying “Bloody Hell!” like Ron Weasley does. 😉

    I now have the title for my next post – “Social CRM: Product is knowledge and payment is time”. 😀 And this immediately, I don’t know why, makes me think – heck this can’t be automated except for the background work or collecting, filtering, sorting, organizing data which only makes up for the information part; knowledge & time can not be tweaked with tools beyond a certain point!

    I agree that ours started as an ‘accidental community’, but is no more one! And IMHO, we are slowly migrating from twitter to blogs, if you can feel the trend. 🙂

    Best part is there seem to be no ego clashes in this community! I don’t bother with the timelines when anybody joined the group. I only know that we have awesome people contributing to the discussions here & makes me learn a lot. 🙂

    A Prof in IIM, Bangalore, told me recently at the backdrop of an event for entrepreneurs in Bangalore, where I was in a panel discussion wit him on social media, that a network matters a lot in being successful as an entrepreneur and its part of the mix that makes every entrepreneur unique. I said that with online networks it is now possible for others to join the same network of your competition. And I find more value by growing that network by sharing it with others who can make a good contribution. Out here on #scrm I have been very lucky that not only did these people make a great contribution, but keep contributing & keep it lively!

    I don’t know, but may be #scrm is one of the very few business related tags that convenes daily, almost 24×7? With folks like Justin Flitter from New Zealand to all the folks in the west coast of US, I guess we are covering up for the most time zones too. 😉

  4. mjayliebs
    August 28, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Thanks Prem, Brian and Esteban!

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